Rose Festival in Bulgaria

Rose Festival in Bulgaria

Rose Festival in Bulgaria

Bulgaria - often called the “country of roses” - one of the World's biggest producers of rose oil, known as Bulgarian liquid gold.

The valley of Roses is located in the Kazanlak and Karlovo regions, surrounded by two mountains, creating a special climate for one special rose species - Damascena rose. The rose fields spread on about 3,300 square kilometers in total. The Bulgarian rose oil is approved as a new Protected Geographical Indication by the European Commission.

The rose picking season lasts from May to June. During this period, the area gives off pleasant scent and is covered with millions of roses.

The rose festival is held for the first time in 1903 from the citizens of Kazanlak and was dedicated to the beauty of the roses.

The “Damascena” rose cultivation and industry have been kept by generations of enterprising peoples from the valley.
Annually, on the first weekend of June, the local community organizes the Festival of Roses. This is an International event held in Kazanlak, visited and enjoyed by thousands of guests and tourists.

The festival’s program includes the traditional rose-picking ritual, early in the morning. The visitors could see an authentic rose-distillery and learn more about how this sweet-scented rose oil is made.

Another highlight of the festival is the Rose Parade - presenting dancing ensembles, school classes, local groups - walking down the main street in Kazanlak, showing dance moves, tricks, singing - This shouldn't be missed!